Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park

It was just a quick trip, but well worth it!  We packed up our tent and some gear for car camping.

From Skyline Drive – Shenandoah N.P.

It was really cool to get a little tent camping in on this trip, even though it was cold and uncomfortable.  Living in an R.V. is making us very spoiled campers – but this time we decided to rough it!


We stayed at Big Meadows Campground, and arrived just as it got dark.  We popped up our tent real quick and started a nice fire.  It was a full moon, and beautiful night!  We even took the rainfly off the tent so we could see the stars and moon.  We really had a nice setting here!

Bojack keeping watch

Early the next morning, we heard  warnings of a bear close by!  Someone near us was shouting and blowing an air horn, which had me awake for the morning.  Megan needed to sleep in (can’t forget how hard this nurse works!), so I let her rest while I checked out the situation before getting started on breakfast. Hopefully a bear doesn’t smell the bacon!

After a lazy morning, we jumped in the truck and started some exploring down Skyline Drive.

Most National Parks don’t allow dogs on ANY trails.  Luckily, Shenandoah has a few trails available for our furry friends.  So we made our way northbound, and found a nice place to stretch our legs.

After a short hike, we hopped back in the truck and enjoyed some food from the cooler and cruised Skyline Drive.  There were many places to pull over offering amazing views of the valley.  We enjoyed a slow drive, and eventually started working our way back to camp.  On our way home, I spotted a bear from the truck!  That was SUCH a highlight watching him roam the parking area (from the safety of our vehicle).

Making use of the campfire grill

Back at camp, we toasted the day with a couple of beers, steak, and some twice baked potatoes I had prepped back at home.  After dinner, we burned up what was left of our firewood, and ducked into the tent for one last night under the stars.

Two nights isn’t enough to scratch the surface of what there is to do here, but we really enjoyed the time we had.

Shenandoah exceeded our expectations and we would love to come back.  Great views, quality camping, and abundant wildlife were the highlights we took home.