Paddle Lake Havasu

Upon arriving in Lake Havasu, we decided to invest in inflatable paddle equipment. Megan got an Atoll paddle board, and I got an Advanced Elements Kayak. We absolutely love them!

London Bridge Channel

The London Bridge is the most obvious place to paddle in Lake Havasu City. The views are amazing, and this is where most of the big events happen in town.

The channel through the London Bridge can get crowded with boats. However, most boaters gave us plenty of room and obeyed the “no wake zone” policy.

More Exploring the Island

On days we were feeling ambitious, we would paddle around the entire island. It’s about 4-5 miles, and is a considerable amount of work! Personally, I found the kayak easier for longer voyages, as it’s easier to balance. Megan, however, is a pro and can navigate some serious wake without falling!

It’s a Big Lake!

Paddle equipment won’t get you far enough to see the whole lake. Consider making friends with a power boat if you want to REALLY explore Lake Havasu! Boat rentals are fairly reasonable and it really is the best way to explore more of what the lake has to offer.

Hiking & Mountain Biking SARA Park – Lake Havasu, AZ

SARA Park is the hiking and mountain bike headliner in Lake Havasu City. The park is so much fun that it leaves me wondering why more trails haven’t been carved. We hit this park multiple times during our stay.

Crack in the Mountain (SARAs Crack)

We loved this hike! SARAs Crack leads through a narrow canyon eventually reaching Lake Havasu. It’s about 4 miles one way hike to the lake, and the trailhead is only 5 miles from the London Bridge.

Be prepared for some small class 3 down climbing! There is a hand hold rope installed on one section, and a couple other sections require a slow, calculated decent. We took an alternate route back which rewarded us with elevated views of the lake.

My sister and her husband joined us on a hike, and Megan wore the GoPro. Below is the result! Don’t judge my video editing I’m very new to the whole GoPro thing!

We enjoyed this hike in the spring, and it was still HOT. Also, parts of the canyon were knee deep in water. For those looking to hike here, bring plenty of drinking water and proper shoes!

Mountain Biking

SARA Park is pretty much the only mountain biking in the area. It’s fun, but challenging. Some washy spots and really tough obstacles and impossible climbs. That said, it’s worth doing! We enjoyed some big rolling hills, really fun descents, and for me it was a big challenge to my technical skills.

This was my first helmet cam attempt, and it’s ok. I don’t think it gives enough perspective, but still worth a watch! I also dumped my bike on a washy corner which is fun to have on video!

Lake Havasu City is a place where fun is abundant. Somehow, they’ve missed the mark on mountain biking. I think the city could do a lot to add and improve the trail system. (It really doesn’t help that I’m writing from Steamboat Springs, CO and I’ve got a new rig.)

Still, the Watershed loop in SARA Park was fun and challenging enough for a short visit. If we were to become permanent residents here, I’d certainly campaign for more cycling options!

Why You Should Visit

SARA Park is the hiking and biking spot for Lake Havasu City. Understandably, most of the outdoor activities here are found on the water. But for those who want to get away from the craziness and enjoy a piece of the desert on foot, this is the place to go!