Getting Started in Havasu

Travel time has allowed us to really enjoy Lake Havasu before we begin work and continue to settle in.  Megan and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend our next 5 months here.

Outdoor Life

Mountain Biking – SARA Park

Of course we’d get things started with a mountain bike ride!  SARA park is about 5 miles from Havasu City, and is a great trail system.  It’s rugged, challenging, fun mountain biking.  

We’ve hit the park twice now, and look forward to continue exploring the trails.  SARA Park is also popular to hike, which will likely be a future endeavor while were here!

New Paddle Equipment!

The whole way to Virginia, we talked about how we’re going to get on the water.  Purchasing a Standup Paddle Board (SUP), Kayak, or Canoe were on our minds.  So when we got here, we decided to go for it!

We made the decision to go with a SUP (Atoll 11ft Inflatable) and a Kayak Advance Elements 10.5ft Inflatable.  We’ve had so much fun on the boards!  We can easily paddle to the London Bridge canal and enjoy the nearby beaches.  Megan and I have even circled the island, which is about a 3 hour tour (and workout!).

RV Life & Campgrounds

Lake Havasu City has many RV campgrounds, as well as BLM land very near the city.  We were very lucky to get a campsite very near the water!

Lake Have-a-brew or Have-a-few,  is also a very popular party destination.  People vacation from nearby metropolises such as Phoenix, Los Angles, and Las Vegas.  Vacationers are often unapologetic when it comes to their “It’s 5 O’clock somewhere” attitude.  We’ve enjoyed Mudshark Brewery cans on the SUP & Kayak a couple times because… life’s a beach!

SNOWBIRD /ˈsnōˌbərd/ – A northerner who moves to a warmer southern state in the winter.

Lake Havasu nearly doubles in population each winter, as it is a very popular snowbird  destination.  We’ve met many people in the campground who retire to the park each winter.  It’s really fun to meet so many travelers!  The population literally doubles here in the winter months. RV life is common here and the city has adapted well to meet demand. 

The Town & Culture

Lake Havasu City is growing, but still maintains a small town feel.  We’ve enjoyed some really nice community events, such as holiday lighting and an RV/ Boat show.  We plan on growing as well, and discovering more of what this town has to offer!

Next Chapter: 

Megan and I both started work! We have been getting oriented professionally for this assignment.  Megan is on a MedSurg & Tele nursing floor and I (Bobby) joined a framing crew, building additions to Modular homes at a nearby RV resort.


VEGAS BABY!  It’s only a day trip, but it involves brunch at the Bellagio with Megan’s Grandmother!  I’m sure I’ll find my way to the blackjack table for a minute or two as well…

Thanks for reading!

Bobby & Megan

Carvins Cove Kayaking & Mountain Biking

Carvins Cove is beautiful, very close to Roanoke, and we are so glad we spent a couple days here!

Bobby on the kayak

Kayaking – Day 1

Sometimes, you just need a relaxing day on the lake.  Yes.  Exactly that.  Enjoy!

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It’s $3 to get into Carvins Cove.  After that, it’s time to enjoy beautiful outdoors.  Day one, we rented a couple of kayaks and took our time.  We came across fellow kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and small fishing boats.  Even with the diversity, it wasn’t hard to find a place of your own.

Megan and I brought a cooler with some sandwiches and drinks.  It was really easy to pull into one of the many fingers of the lake, providing spectacular views, as well as a little more privacy.  The lake is really easy to navigate, and thanks to restrictions on boat size we experienced very little wake from other water craft.  This was a great way to spend our first day here!

Mountain Bike – Day 2

Carvins Cove is a mountain biking paradise.  The trail system offers something for all levels of experience.  I watched some youtube videos before we left and it made me grit my teeth!  But don’t let that fool you, a novice rider will have a great time on many of the trails here too.

This is where I wish I brought some PB&Js and a beer

WE HIT THE TRAIL late morning on a Monday.  Carvins Cove had a XC race the day prior and we figured the day after a race is the best day for a trail of your own.  We were right!

The first few miles is easy and wide trail.  There is some climbing though and it will take some time to find the singletrack that makes this area so great.


If you’re looking for a squishy ride, how about crapping your pants!?

Yes, that is a roughly 8′ long Black Racer snake in the middle of the trail. Yes, I almost ran over it on my mountain bike.  Yes, this is as close as I’d get for a picture!

Mud & Water

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Megan and I are not advanced mountain bikers.  Still, Carvins Cove gave us some obstacles that are both fun, and doable for the everyday rider.  The creek pictured above is a perfect example of just that!

I love riding with Megan because she really likes to soak in the ride.  I am guilty of ripping through the trail as fast as possible, whereas Megan enjoys the sway of the switchback and the beauty that surrounds.

After experiencing Carvins Cove, Megan and I agree that mountain biking is one of our favorite parts of Roanoke and the surrounding area.  We would both suggest to anyone interested in doing a lot of mountain biking in this area, to make Carvins Cove a priority.

Washing it Down

A couple of days in the sun, exploring Carvins Cove by land and water, has made us hungry and thirsty!

Ballast Point Brewery (Daleville, VA) is nearby, and has the goods.  They offered so many varieties of beer, American style food, and has a great view from the patio.  Check them out!


Thanks for checking us out!

-Megan & Bobby